Sunday , May 28 2017

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Cyanogen Want Truecaller in Order to Build a Better Mobile OS


Cyanogen, best known for its FOSS Android-based OS, CyanogenMod, soon will provide caller ID screening and spam blocking directly from the native dialer on Cyanogen OS, the commercial version of its operating system.These capabilities will be provided through the company’s global partnership with Truecaller.They will be baked into future smartphone …

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Will Apple TV Be Spread Out All Over ?

Apple TV

As a product-selling tactic, I can’t think of a better way to create a product that will have the consumer appeal needed to get millions of households to buy into a much bigger and broader world than through an Apple TV. Teaching consumers to buy some sort of other hub …

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The Risky And Continuous Making Of Android Apps


Eurecom researchers recently developed an Android application that can monitor the network traffic of other apps to alert users of suspicious or malicious network activity. With more than 1.2 million applications in the Google Play store, there are multiple programs for performing a particular task. That can make choosing an …

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