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5 Killer Factors! How to select a best Domain Name for businesses?

Are you planning to launch a website? Is your desired domain name available to register? Is domain name planning annoys you?

A domain name is an identity of a website that plays a vital role in SEO, marketing, and branding. Big businesses like Google, Microsoft, and other tycoons have billions to spend millions on expert copywriters for domain name planning. But, it is impossible for a startup or a webmaster to pay millions for domain name planning.

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But, do not worry; this post will help you in planning irresistible and brandable domain names.

Here are the best steps to go through while planning a domain name: –

Focus on five key factors:

Make it Simple

  • Your domain name should be simple and memorable for easy reorganization. If your audience knows your domain name, they will land directly on your website and also suggest your brand to others as well.

Spelling and pronunciation

  • Short words are easy to spell and hear. Your domain name should be short, sweet, and easy to spell. It will reduce the risk of typing errors and help your audience to land on your website.

Unique name

  • Avoid typosquatting type domain names like Periz Hilton, Moogle, Goofle etc. matching with other brands. Your domain name is your business’s identity, and it should be unique.

Use keen format

  • Your Domain name will represent your brand. So, if your desired domain name is not available then avoid adding a hyphen, special character, or alphabets to the domain name. Instead, go for a different name matching your business.

Check All Possible keyword combinations

  • Domain names can be a word or a combination of two or more words. It is quite difficult to create word combinations on a piece of paper. Instead use services of best online domain name generator tools. Name Mesh, Name Boy, etc are few best tools online for generating random domain names. Add your keywords in the input box and hit “Generate” button. These tools will generate best possible domain names combining your focused keywords.

Key Tip: – 

Hire a freelance copywriter for help

If you are confused with domain name planning, then you can hire freelance copywriters online. They will suggest you unique brand names, and you can pay few bucks for their efforts. For this purpose, you can create campaigns at, Squad Help, and Naming Force, etc. websites.

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Domain name planning needs time, patience, and creative thinking. So, brainstorm your and freelancer’s ideas for planning a competing domain name in the online market.



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