Sunday , May 28 2017

This is the real reason behind Galaxy Note 7 Explosion!!

Latest: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 had all the fame when it was released in September 2016 but unfortunately it didn’t get to rule in Samsung’s customers heart. The Galaxy Note 7 device was the most perfect device when it was released but fate had something else planned.

Due to the battery explosion after a week or two from release date Samsung had to recall more than 2 million devices. After a while (several days) Samsung shipped the replaced Galaxy Note 7 devices with an “s” on the box.

But again the devices began to explode. Everyone went crazy over this issue. The customers loved the device. Samsung recalled rhe devices again but the customers didn’t agree to return it. But a question was left in everyone’s mind “WHY DID NOTE 7 EXPLODE?” and for this many came up with an answer.

As you can see in the video there were tests and reports which claimed this and that reason but the actual and logical reason came in front of us now. This reason given in the video is righteous one and is true. So you can watch the video to know the reason.

After watching the video comment below what you have to say about the reason. Is it a valid reason? If so do you think Samsung could do this?? Please share your views!!

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