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Download Offline Installer Setup BlueStacks App Player v2.5.62.6298

Genre: Android Emulator
languages English
App Title:BlueStacks App Player
Platforms: Microsoft Windows (Windows XP , Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit)
  • Developer:BlueStack Systems, Inc
  • Release/Updated Date:October 13th, 2016
  • File Size: 311 MB
  • Price: Freeware

  • Features:
  •  System Requirements: 
  • Change Log
  • Camera Integration
  • Developer Test Support
  • Windows-Native Graphics Support
  • Multi-touch Support
  • Sensors Integrated
  • Runs x86-based Apps
  • Runs ARM-based Apps
  • Move files between Windows + Android
  • Microphone Integration
  • Mouse + Keyboard Integration
  • Mobile/Desktop Sync
  • Double-Click APK Open from Desktop
  • Android-on-TV Capability
  • Full Product/IMEI Localization
  • China-specific/Optimized Version
  • At least 2 GB RAM4GB of disk space available
  • The drivers for your PC’s graphics drivers should be updated for compatibility
  • Administrative rights
  • DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • Windows installer 4.5 (for WinXP)
  • NET Framework 3.5 SP3 (for WinXP)

BlueStacks App Player

Change log Not Available.

New in version

  • Introducing Welcome Tab & Android Tab: The Welcome tab lets you discover the most popular apps around the globe. Through Android tab you can install and run all your favourite apps.
  • Each app / game launches in a new tab, switch between apps easily.
  • You can also stream and watch videos while your chat and game sessions are in progress.
  • The side Toolbar added on the app player will now allow access to many features without going to settings.
  • The back button is now available on left top just like any browser.
  • Increased/Doubled Storage Space: With BlueStacks 2, storage capacity has been increased to 32 GB ( i.e, 16 GB internal storage and 16 GB SD Card storage). More storage space means more apps can be installed.
  • Lots of improvements and bug fixes allowing many apps to run seamlessly.

BlueStacks App Player

Compatibility with Apps
APK Stores Support
Support To Latest Operating Systems


Excellent Software, Easy to use. And Support almost All Android Apps And Games. It is so Easy even a Child of 8 years can install and play. Playstore Support With your Google Account Make it Even Excellent

User Rating: 2.15 ( 2 votes)


BlueStacks App Player lets you run your favorite mobile apps fast and full screen in your browser and on PC.Tens of millions of people around the world use top apps like Candy Crush Saga, Telegram, Temple Run Series and more on their laptops with BlueStacks. It took our engineers two years to build the complex “Layer Cake” technology that enable this to happen.
BlueStacks is the first production software that allows you to use your favorite mobile apps on a Windows PC. Android device simulator for Computer. Its used to even use Whatsapp on Computer. BlueStacks is innovative emulator that enables PC and Mac users (additionally even HDTV users who purchase special BlueStacks hardware) to enjoy Android video games directly on their monitor screens. This enables them to gain access to a size able library of award winning Android games on their desktop PC or laptop, without the need to offload any processing from the mobile device to their PC. All the emulation is done directly on PC, with customized control schemes that enable perfect control over Android software.

MTD (My Top Downloads) Editors Review:

One Of the most useful and excellent Android Emulator For Windows. It is very Powerfully Designed with almost all the features what a normal user Demands. running Android Operating System and APK Apps on Windows Operating System Enabled Devices From PC to laptops. You can enjoy Almost All the big games and As well as small games from android on PC And Android Apps Also can be Run on PC

This is Easy to use Software but most Powerfully designed to run Android Apps And Games on Windows Enabled Devices. with the help of Your Google Account (Account Signed in on PlayStore to install and play games) So We Will Go on deep in its features and user-interface.

  1. Graphical user interface:
  2. Cloud Connect:
  3. Errors And Tweaks
  4. Smooth Functioning:
  5. Performance and Device Usage:
  6. Conclusion:
  1. Graphical user interface (GUI):

BlueStacks App Player Is Very User Friendly. its GUI is Very Effective When we use it it looks like we are using Android Smartphone With Android Like Theme and Buttons on the Main Window. Even a First Time User With no Computer Knowledge can use it From Beginner to expert All can Use it with ease. To Access PlayStore You need Google Account if you don’t have you can Create a new one. And Alternative markets are there where you don’t need to signup.

2. Cloud Connect:

This is the new and best tool Using it We can allow users to automatically sync their apps, updates, photos and SMS from your Android phone to the PC Store it on PC. And We can also Import Files or pictures From PC using incorporated file browser to the Phone With Just a Click So This Feature is Very Good and Easy use.

3. Errors And Tweaks:

There were errors found when we were testing it Sometimes it is crashing or sometimes Hanging So It is High Priority Software Makes PC Slow. We Should use this Ideal not with other Softwares or games opened.

4. Smooth Functioning:

Functioning is Very Smooth It loads Very Fast Within Few Seconds it will be ready to use. Mouse Controls Are very good Seems Like We are Using Our Phone Touchscreen So Awesome Mouse Controls. As we said earlier it’s design is similar with Android Pone Design. So We Can Feel The Mobile Awesomeness While Changing the language, Set Date & time, Managing Sound, Contacts and Keyboard Controls.

5. Performance and Device Usage:

Performance is Very Good But it use High Resources From PC or Laptop From Ram To CPU So Need High Priority. And the User needs to open only this app as ideal so that to stop this app from hanging or Crashing. But Overall Working Performance is Very Good If your PC meets it Requirements.

6. Conclusion:

Recommended App for Android Users Who wants to play their Favorite Games or use apps On Big Screen. With The Feel Of using Android Phone It impressed us And We Gave this App Positive rating. Most of the Features are New And Awesome. This Android Emulator is Effective and bring new Life To Android Games.


BlueStacks App Player Screenshot 1

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