Wednesday , May 24 2017

Is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 coming back again in 2017?


As we all know Samsung had a very bad time with the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016 with the battery explosions and then the phone being exploded for some various reasons. This made Samsung to recall more than 2 million Note 7 devices. Samsung started to investigate the matter in detail.

Many Note 7 users around the world were unhappy with the recall and they said their devices were working absolutely fine. But Samsung had to listen to the other customers also. So the device was discontinued.

But there is a good news for the Galaxy Note 7 lovers…The very much loved device by millions of Note fans is set to comeback as refurbished model in India and Veitnam in 2017. And this device will be checked many times for safety and then come to the sales.

If Samsung does this then we can have a Galaxy Note 7 device in our hands. Note 7 was the best smartphone of 2016 but it had to go back in the production factory as its fate was written. But we will have a chance to have it in our hands if this comes true.

What do you have to say on this news?? Are you happy that Note 7 is coming bach?? Will you buy it?? Please share your views in the comments below!!

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