Saturday , February 18 2017

How To Boost Your Android Phone’s Memory And Run Smoothly


This is simple if you consider it in a way. Well even you could do this but it needs to be done well. You all might be aware of using the battery boosters and fast charging apps?? Well, everyone is aware of it. Do you guys really believe that an app can speed up your battery life or an app can let your battery to give large backup of one or more day??

It is at a point Yes but also a NO at the same time. The apps which boost your battery life and the apps which promise to fast charge your phone aren’t any super apps or great apps, they are just your managers who will do the work which you should do. Don’t Understand?? I will help you understand.

The memory of our android device is occupied mostly by the junk files and cached data which we neglect and don’t clear and also we have some apps in our device which consume more battery which we don’t notice. So once if we start noticing then we can maintain it well and no boosters will be required.

What you need to do:

  • Clear app cached data manually and you will know with this which app is consuming much data
  • Stop using apps which consume more battery from your device.
  • Avoid those boosters and fast charging promising apps
  • Clear pictures or videos which are blurred.
  • Check for same files and if found delete them.
  • If your RAM is low then don’t fill your device with large apps and files instead go for lite versions.

After doing the above said steps you will not see hanging or any other problems. This might have gave you an idea of what you should do as a wise person!!

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