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Free Download WWE 2K14 Game PC Full Version+Patch

Free Download WWE 2K14 Full Version Game For PC | WWE 2014 | WWE 14

Full Version For PC WWE-2K14-Game-Download 


Game Review: By Presents A New Wrestling Game Known as WWE 2K14

Game Information: 

Title: WWE 2K14

Genre: Wrestling

Publisher:  Take Two, 2K Sports

Developer: Yukes Media Creations, Visual Concepts

Official Site:

Release Date: October 29th 2013 (US)

Languages: English

Platform:  PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 

Game Size: Not Available

Game Summary:

Somewhere deep in the heart of every hardcore wrestling mark, there’s a rowdy little kid recreating their favorite matches with six-inch plastic figures. They’re pitting the irresistible forces against the immovable objects. They’re dropping elbows and raising eyebrows. They love reliving old memories, but they’re hungry to create new ones, too. WWE 2K14 gives that wrestling fan in all of us the tools required to do both. Though it continues to suffer from many of the same AI and commentary issues that have plagued the series for years, it also builds on its many successes, delivering a sports-entertainment extravaganza that can easily steal dozens of hours of your time.

Game Features:

In the ring, Yukes’ WWE games strive to give us almost every option available to real-life wrestlers, and 2K14 continues to do so without making the controls unnecessarily complicated. Once you’ve learned the ropes, matches take on a pleasing ebb and flow that’s not unlike what you see on a typical Monday night. Whether I was working the legs like The Nature Boy, or working the crowd like The Brahma Bull, I always felt in total control.

While there aren’t any monumental changes to the way it plays this year, there are some notable tweaks and additions. For one, characters with catch finishers can now set them up by thrusting running opponents up into the air first, which looks especially awesome when big guys like Brock Lesnar use it to pancake helpless little cruiser-weights. Strike combinations have been sped up dramatically, and with the elimination of those endless reversal cycles from last year, fights have gotten smoother and snappier.

Perhaps a bit too snappy in some cases. The increased speed makes striking a lot more strategically viable, but it can also make them look like they’re playing in fast forward, robbing them of weight and impact when compared to the more methodical grapple moves. It’s a good change in terms of playability, but still something I’d like to see smoothed out visually for next year.


A good Game With Excellent Graphics ….Screen Play Is Awesome.. But Any Way Thanks To The Makers Of  This Game For A Wonderful Treat…And Please Support The Game Makers…

Free Download WWE 2K14 Full Version Game For PC | WWE 2014 | WWE 14

Free Download WWE 2K14 Full Version Game For PC | WWE 2014 | WWE 14

Free Download WWE 2K14 Full Version Game For PC | WWE 2014 | WWE 14

Free Download WWE 2K14 Full Version Game For PC | WWE 2014 | WWE 14
WWE 2K14 Game

Note: WWE 2K14 Has Not Released Yet For PC

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