Thursday , January 24 2019

DMCA Policy does not host any of the files mentioned on this blog. This blog only points out to various links on the Internet that already exist and are uploaded by other websites or users there. 

“Our Policy is not to Encourage Piracy” and the Information provided is from other sites. No Files are hosted on our server and are Indexed similarly like all Search Engines. The ISP nor the Administrator cannot be held responsible for the Content,Changes,Updates  of linked sites or any link related to linked site.                                          

Since we don’t host any files we cannot re-upload it if it have been deleted but can try to find alternate links if you notify us. 

If you have any clarifications to be made or if you find any contents in this site which you think can be offensive. Do contact the site owner 

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  • Explain which copyrighted material is affected.
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Note: Anonymous or incomplete messages will not be dealt with. Thanks for your understanding
As you all know this is a blog for latest games and software’s so many people have misunderstood that all the games and software’s which are present in this blog are hosted by us………….

But it is wrong all the games and software’s which are present in this blog are not hosted by us we just provide the link for the particular games and software which were present in different websites……  

                                                               BY THE ADMIN                                                 

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  1. eu gosto muito desse jogo farming simulator2015

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